Advancing Research

APAO is dedicated to supporting the research interests of Physician Assistants and investigators dedicated to improving the care to people with cancer and related disorders.

To more aggressively engage Physician Assistants in research initiatives we have created the APAO investigator award.  The Award is open to PAs in oncology who are lead authors on abstracts selected for presentation at a scientific meeting.

At the APAO Annual CME conference members of APAO are invited to share innovative clinical techniques or research findings.  Accepted abstracts will be selected for seminar or poster presentations.  Watch this page for more information coming soon.

To support research of investigators external to APAO we have created policies to to ethically and appropriately manage requests for data owned by APAO.  

Research Collaboration with APAO

Policies for the Review of Requests 
for Data and External Research Collaboration
APAO has a strong interest in facilitating research related to Physician Assistants in the delivery of exceptional care to people with cancer and related disorders.  To support this mission, APAO has developed the following policies to ethically and appropriately manage requests for data owned by APAO.  The following policies are designed to support research initiatives dedicated to contributing to or developing an improved understanding of the physician assistant profession or cancer and related disorders. 

  1. APAO supports research initiatives on the PA profession or cancer or related disorders
  2. The Board of directors will review requests from external investigators and APAO members.  The board of directors will make final recommendations regarding the request for data or collaboration.
  3. Data collected for research initiatives will be collected from the membership database, conference participant lists, and all other means routine to the daily operations of APAO.
  4. APAO and all investigators will only report aggregated, non-identifiable data.