APAO Advocacy and Legislation Update

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Videos and Articles about Advocacy (courtesy of the AAPA):

How does a bill become a law?

  • Click here for an overview of the Legislative Process

Why is advocacy important?

  • Kristin Butterfield, Director of Grassroots Advocacy for the AAPA, talks about why advocacy matters in her article in PA Professional
  • Kristin Butterfield, MA, talks about why advocacy is for everyone in her article in PA Professional

What can you communicate effectively with your Member of Congress?

  • Kristin Butterfield talks about the importance of in-person meetings with Members of Congress and their staff in her article in PA Professional

What is the Grassroots Advocacy and Information Network (GAIN)?

  • GAIN is a nationwide network of PAs who seek to build relationships with their Members of Congress and staff and advocate for patients and the PA profession.